How Can We Help You?

For more than 25 years, our experts have been helping young entrepreneurs and established businesses discover how they can harness the Internet and worldwide web, with web sites, e-mail and Internet connected database systems. But times have changed. No longer can you treat your web presence as just a shop window for your “legacy” business or an electronic brochure.

Smart business owners have realized that the Internet is one enormous distribution channel, just waiting to be exploited 24×7. Why limit your business catchment area to your local town or city? With the right tools and knowledge, you can set up an automated e-mail marketing system, and sell your own digital products in your niche area to just about anyone on the Internet.

Tell Me More

Elasticas will help you take the best of what building blocks you already have and help you build on this until you have a completely automated digital product sales process.

If necessary we will start from scratch, by finding a suitable domain name for your business. Our experts have been registering domain names for almost 25 years, when almost nobody was. We will use our experience with Internet domain names and trademark law to get you the right name at the right price.

The we will show you how easy it is to get a new professional logo and a stunning web site up and running in a couple of hours, and at a very low cost using royalty free images and very large scale web hosting companies like WIX.

But no two businesses are the same. So you might need a booking system, a blog or an online store. No problem. These modules can easily be integrated at no additional cost.

And no website would be complete without a world class web security solution that protects your site from hackers and accelerate your pages for users in other continents.  Just in case you’re running for President, we’ll show you how to set that up too.

Is that It?

Absolutely not. That’s just the foundation of your online sales system, so the best is yet to come. We’ll show you how to easily set up landing pages to collect subscriber details and automatically transfer them into a CRM e-mail marketing database. We’ll show you how to set up automated e-mail workflows in that CRM database that guide your subscribers through the entire process from registration to sale.

But that’s not all. Customers and prospects don’t just pop out of thin air. We’ll show you how to set up Facebook and LinkedIn pages for your business and how to create and schedule compelling content for these platforms using automated social media tools like Buffer, and Feedly.

Finally well show you how easy it is to run a targeted ad campaign to your chosen customer type in your chosen postcode areas, and how to track these prospects using the most powerful analytics tools available.

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